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If you don't have the richly rewarding relationsips you desire… the intimate, empowering partnersips you deserve… and the satisfying, successful career that provides the money, freedom, fulfillment and fun you dream of… it's because of your beliefs.

Belief Busters

You CAN shift unwanted self–sabotaging beliefs to empowering beliefs that assure your success… fast,
in a proven way that lasts.

All you need is Belief Busters and in only 13 weekly lessons we'll help you change your life for the better… forever… for just 20 bucks per month… Guaranteed.

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Hi, this is John Fogg.

I'll paraphrase Napoleon Hill's famous remark:

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it ALWAYS achieves.

Like it or not, that's what's so. In any and every situation there are only two ways to go: Believe you can or believe you can't. Either way, you're right, and both ways…

You will achieve ONLY what you believe.

You are an infinitely powerful spiritual being connected directly to the Source of all Creation.

With that awesome power always working with you, you can easily understand why what you think about most will come about. And since beliefs are simply those thoughts you think again and again and again—and fuel with the fire of your emotional energy—your beliefs are what you will bring into being in your life and work each and every time.

Problem is… most people don't know what they really believe.

Look at your life right now…
That's what you have believed up til now.

Don't like what you've got?
Change your beliefs.

It's the only way.

And that's what Belief Busters is designed to do: Change your beliefs from unwanted, sometimes life-long, self–sabotaging beliefs (belief busting) to positive ones that empower (belief building)… fast, in a powerful, proven way that lasts.

How quickly the process will work depends on you. What I can promise you is Belief Busters does work—hundreds of people have already proven that. It is simple, easy (just takes practice), and it's safe.

It's cheap: $20 a month (for three months) to change your life for the better forever. And it's quick: Only 13 weekly lessons and you're done. Should be a no-brainer.

When you order, you'll get a thorough explain of the Belief Busters process, what makes it work and how to do it. You'll get a step–by– step walk–through audio you can download and keep on your iPod or burn to a CD. You'll get PDF forms to printout for your daily practice. In addition to the weekly lessons I'll be sending you insightful material every week to help expand your understanding and speed up your belief busting and belief building process.

Access to all these things will be provided as web–page links in the emails you'll start to get immediately after you complete your payment with PayPal.

Belief Busters begins officially on Monday, February 18, 2008. The first session will be limited to 250 people, because all our admin functions are currently being done manually and that's all we can handle.

Belief Busters costs $20 each month for three months. Once you enroll, the next two billings will be automatic.

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If you've questions, please contact me.

I appreciate you.

John Fogg
John Milton Fogg, Inc.
2370 Saddle Hollow
Crozet, VA 22932 USA

Guaranteed means just that. Do the lessons… ALL the lessons… as instructed with the best intentions and if you don't get the results promised, I'll return your money. Fair enough?